Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh Hail No!!

We had a surprise hailstorm this evening. It was already cold, but it got even colder, then it started raining really hard for about a minute, stopped briefly, then started again in the form of huge hail stones. If you live in areas where you get golfball-sized stones, disregard the word "huge". They were huge for Oregon standards. Probably a little larger than a marble. All I know is it was LOUD! I took a video, but it was just as it was all ending. You can kind of hear the sound in the first few seconds of the video. Oh, and it was through a screen if you wondered.

Kids in the neighborhood came out to play as if it had snowed.

I hope they didn't dent the car. They were huge and were hitting really hard. It was seriously LOUD.


Jose said...

Not too long ago we got a similar hail storm here in Phoenix. Yep, it can get really loud.

TLR said...

Dang, I wish it would do that here. That sky looks like it could do it again.

DrillerAA said...

Unfortunately we do get the golf ball sized hail here in Arkansas. This past spring there was some that bordered on tennis ball size. It ripped through vinyl siding on homes, broke windshields in cars, stripped leaves from trees and generally wreaked havoc south of here.