Monday, October 6, 2008

Alaska Cruise, Part 4

I was looking through my Alaska pictures and saw some that I didn't remember posting even though they occurred before some of the pictures I have posted. After I recovered from my temporary Alzheimer's, I realized that we had done two adventures in one day. So I shall now go back and talk about the night we went to a Salmon Bake. I don't even like salmon. Neither does Mom. But it's ok because they have chicken also. We knew that ahead of time. Hubby and Dad LOVE salmon, and it sounded like fun, so we booked it. Anyway, they take you to this area just outside of town that has a creek running through it and lots of trees. They bake lots and lots of salmon and have some sort of yummy, sweet looking sauce they'll put on it if you want. As I mentioned, there's chicken too as well as corn bread, beans, salads, desserts, you name it. There was a lady playing guitar and singing folk songs, and she wasn't too bad. In between songs she'd tell stories about Alaska. It was fun. We liked it because it wasn't a rushed thing. You came on a bus at a certain time, but you could leave whenever you wanted. Busses were running back to the ships about every 20 minutes. So we took advantage of that. After we ate, we walked up the creek where there was an old abandoned mine.

They had a few gold pans out and you could try your luck in the creek. Hubby was all over that.

There was a really pretty waterfall, and I must have looked like a professional photographer or something, because I got asked by no less than 5 couples/families to take their picture in front of it. We were all one big happy family.

Oh! And it was lightly drizzling off and on, so they had this row of umbrellas hanging at the entrance that caught my eye.

Here's a short video of the creek and waterfall. Complete with some random guy's voice.


Jose said...

My wife seems to think an Alaskan crusie would be boring. With us being Mexican she loves the Mexican Riviera. We took the three and five day cruise, she is now ready for the seven day cruise. I on the other hand would love to take the Alaskan cruise.

Did you see the Nothern Lights?

Your pictures show that it would be a nice place to visit. Oh, I love salmon too.

DrillerAA said...

I've seen one too many episode of "Gold Fever" to get too excited about prospecting. I would like to do the Alaskan cruise thing though. I'd also like to fly in to some of the fishing opportunities in Alaska and Canada.