Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alaska Cruise, Part 3

I may just win an honorable mention in the "World's Worst Blogger" contest. Here is Part 3 of my Alaska Cruise Review. Ok, so it's been 6 weeks since Part 2. Whatever.

The good news is we're up to the most scenic part. Tracy Arm Fjord. We entered the fjord about 6:00 am and boy, was it cold outside! Probably mid-40's. They had a place on board where you could sign out a wool blanket. Even with the blanket it was pretty dang cold the whole time we were in the fjord. But the views were spectacular as you can see from the pictures. There was a naturalist on board providing commentary which could be heard out on deck, or through your stateroom's television.

Tracy Arm is a long, narrow, dead-end fjord cut by a glacier thousands of years ago. At the end of it is Sawyer Glacier. We were there on July 23rd, and of the weekly cruises from May through September, ours was the first to make it all the way in. They go as far as the icy waters will allow. Did I mention the awesome views? I took 94 pictures and 3 videos that day alone.

We were back out into the open waters by 11:00 am and I'd tell you what we did the rest of the day, but since it's been 2 months, I can't remember. So in the meantime, just enjoy these pictures and hang on 6 more weeks to find out what we did the next day.


Lisa said...

WOW!! That is just darn spectacular and I bet the pictures don't do it justice, huh?

Amy, aka ABB said...

Can you image living there and seeing it every day?