Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Now I know how Gandhi felt

Ok, perhaps that's a lofty comparison, but it has to do with - doing without. No, I didn't go on a computer strike, but for 16 days I was without mine. It was sheer agony. Never have I experienced such deprivation and withdrawal. You don't realize how much you're dependent on this MACHINE until you don't have it. After the first week when we saw we weren't going to get it back soon, Hubby set up our old antique PC. It was NOISY, the monitor was HUGE, the screen size was all screwy, it was ..s..l..o..w.. it had (e-gad) a corded mouse and keyboard; it didn't have my bookmarks, photos or favorite software. I hated it. Well, long story short (too late?) I have my lovely modern PC back. I am once again whole.

Since I like to attach photos to all my posts, here is a cartoon progression of what my computer has gone through. Poor baby.

Acting Wacky

Diagnosed Sick

Getting Fixed...

...While we used an OLD computer

All fixed!!!


Jose said...

Oh wow, life without this darn machine, sounds like an ugly concept. lol How we have come to integrate PCs into our daily lifes, it's almost like eating.

DrillerAA said...

Welcome back!
I now have a desktop and a laptop. I would be lost without my connection to the rest of the planet.