Sunday, November 9, 2008

My nephew the Drum Major

Kyle is the Drum Major (or bandleader, if you're not familiar) for a very large high school in Southern California. He's the one in a white uniform in this video. You can see him at the beginning, then after the sign-holder girls get out of the way, you can see more of him. He spins a mace, which is longer than a baton and has a round head on the end of it. Anyway, we're proud he was selected as Drum Major for his Senior year. This particular video shows him leading the band in a competition that they ended up winning. Go Kyle! Go Apaches! Oh, and he was also elected Homecoming King this year! He rocks! And... my other nephew, Kyle's brother Spencer, is in the band also. He's a Freshman and plays trumpet. I don't see him in the video, but he's there. Ok, sorry to bore you. That's all.


Jose said...

That is sooooo cool. Congratulations on their win.

DrillerAA said...

There is nothing boring about being proud of your family. Congratulations to Kyle and the band.

Lisa said...

Completely NOT boring. I love marching bands, band geeks, and proud aunties. :)

If you recall, I was in band at Fulton and was going to do marching band at Monroe. But because I was such a wimp I didn't want to get to school at 7am(that's when class started for band) and I didn't want to get moo'd at either. The hats had big horns on them, like Vikings, but people always yelled "MOO!" at our marching band. We were heckled. I really regret not bucking up and continuing band. A little heckling would've been worth it. :(

Congrats to your nephews! KUDOS!