Sunday, December 21, 2008

Huge Snowstorm

As with much of the country, Oregon has had lots and lots of snow lately. We've had snow, ice, and freezing rain for 9 days now. It hasn't been over the freezing temperature mark either, and has gotten as low as the teens. Yesterday, it snowed for 14 hours straight and we got 8 inches. Then came the freezing rain to coat the top of the snow with half an inch of ice. I thought I'd share some pictures and videos with you.

In this one, you can see the bird bath filled up with snow. I think it looks kind of like a pie. You can also see that the pond is frozen over. In fact, the birds were walking on it.

In this one, you can see how much snow piled up on our car. That was after scraping it off once the day before and driving to the grocery store. You can hear that there is a 1/2 inch layer of ice on the top. Oh, and it was taken through a screen. Yeah, I didn't want to go out in the 23 degree weather!

This was taken to show the colored icicles. They really did look prettier in person. It was hard to get a picture that captured what it really looked like.

Our house with 8 inches of snow.

This is a gazebo in a park in the center of town.

Icicles and Christmas decorations.

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Jose said...

All I can say is brrrrrrrrr. I'm staying here in good ol' sunny Arizona. Merry Christmas!